Cashback payments and distribution

Using the latest technology to reward your customers

EFT, Branded Eftpos Cards and even Cheques

EFT, branded cards and cheques are all essential tools when it comes to loyalty reward campaigns. We can manage and deliver all of these reward types, including processing and dispatch.

SMART Phone digital payments

We have just launched digital store cards with over 40 national retailers to choose from.

As well as the traditional means of rewards and validation, is staying ahead of the curve and providing digital payment methods as an alternative to the production and delivery of cheques and gift cards. The benefits of digital payment methods include:

  • Instant delivery
  • Co-branded currency
  • Strong retail partnerships
  • Eliminate “lost in the mail” or physical delays
  • No difficult customer activation process
  • Can create any retailer partners digital program

Digital currency is versatile and can be used for both competition rewards and all forms of promotional rebate.

A recent example was one of our well known camera clients. They provided a Hoyts e-card to every customer who completed their online training document. The customer not only learn’t how to use their new camera they were rewarded with a gift for doing so. All online and fully automated.

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