Gift With Purchase

Giving your customers the rewards they deserve

Gift with purchase (or premium offer) programs take advantage of that feeling of getting something for nothing. It’s a memorable and effective technique that will make your customer feel special.

Encouraging customer loyalty

There’s no better way of pleasing a customer than having them feel like they’ve received something for free.

Using a gift with purchase program will cement your brand in the mind of anyone who buys your product. Gift with purchase also increases both upsell and cross sell opportunities, creating potential further returns on your investment.

As well as this, you’ll get a cost-effective means of raising brand awareness and promoting your product across as many platforms as you want. The right gift with purchase programs get people talking, increasing visibility and allow you to leapfrog your competitors.

We’ll handle everything

We use the best data management technology available, so that you can make the insights necessary to keep your business fresh. Demographics, product performance and even high-value data such as opt-in email addresses can be collected and analysed, taking your marketing strategy to new heights.

As well as this, promotions help your brand stand out from the competition, winning new customers and immediate sales through the added value that you can promise.

For gift with purchase programs, we handle:

  • Promotion set-up
  • Customer claim validation
  • Inventory and storage
  • Online submission and registration
  • Data entry
  • 1 800, 1300, 0800 (NZ) and email customer support
  • Online stats for program performance analysis

We also offer complete sales cycles solutions, including:

  • Mail collection
  • First in first out pick pack and dispatch
  • Identification and elimination of duplicate submissions or fraudulent activity
  • Stock safely stored in secure, modern, well equipped warehousing

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